Zackeroth's Journal

I have long considered that the difference between a physicist and a philosopher is that a physicist studies what is, and a philosopher studies what may be. But in light of recent "events"-if we can call such things that-the genetic experiments of project Genesis, and the inexplicable power of Mythos, seem somehow inconsequential. Where before I chastised men of philosophy for burying their heads in what ifs, I find myself facing the simple truth that their allegories of the cave are more real than any study of energy or matter could hope to be.

I am at once humbled-by being faced to acknowledge that everything that I knew about reality was a fabrication, of sorts-and emboldened. To see the "truth" of existence is to become like a god. But perhaps this is misleading as well; "illusion" is reality to the one percieving it. The thoughts and experiences of our universe are no less real than those beyond it, and yet, I cannot help but maintain the conclusion that this is a "higher existence."

To exist beyond matter is to exist within thought; I cannot describe what I experience, and as such, I cannot explain it. The allegory of the cave-to put my limited philosophical knowledge to usage-seems accurate; to others, the shadows on the wall are truth, and he who speaks of other things is merely mad. I have decided to chronicle my thoughts and impressions of this existence beyond existence; as I write this, it is merely a compartmentalization of my thoughts-I do not know if I will ever be able to translate these thoughts into a form that beings in these worlds, these "domains" can understand, but if anyone is reading this, I suppose you have your answer.

In ancient days, humanity believed that the earth was the center of the universe. And then it was the sun, Sol. As science progressed, such thoughts were discarded-but in a way, that was a step backwards. From the priviledge of stepping outside the universe, I can see that while the earth is not at the universe's physical center, Terra is indeed the "center" of the universe from a metaphysical standpoint. In all the universe, not a single planet beside earth's bears any form of sentient life-and it would seem that, in the eyes of "god," that's what is important.

I was wrenched out of my existence by an ancient being. At first, I was only aware that it was an existence-there was no sight or sound, simply a knowing. Our communication was what we wished it to be-consider it a form of telepathy, not unlike Genesis' capabilities. However, as I came to undertand this being, I constructed an image of what this being was. As the perceptions and terms came to me, my "companion" seemed to agree with these terms-they were not contradictions. In this sense, I am left with the paradox: am I shaping the reality of these beings, or is their reality shaping my perceptions, my very sense of reason? It is for this reason that I dubbed such entities "the Enigma." They have no objections.

I find the term "multiverse" to be simultaneously reductive and yet the simplest way of discussing the truth of reality, and therefore reluctantly utilize it. The multiverse seems comprised of a space without space, that contains limitness "domains" or worlds. Some of these domains are "empty"-they do not appear to experience time or events. To look into them is to see only a snapshot of energy and matter, or what that domain constitutes as such. For others, time passes in some form or another. There are three things that remain constant about each such domains.

Firstly, each such domain bears conscious life. Amongst said life, there seem to be reoccuring patterns-archetypes as it were. In my material life, I dismissed Jung as "needlessly spiritualistic," but from my vantage point, I can no longer dismiss the usefulness of some of these ideas. Secondly, each of these worlds possesses what I have dubbed an "anarch" and an "axiom." These titles are arbitrary-upon further study, I have seen that some of my preconceptions about the anarch always trending towards chaos and disruption and the axiom trending towards order have not been reaffirmed. Thus, it is likely best to consider these forces more like magnetic forces that shape the structure of time and space for worlds; without both an anarch and an axiom, each domain cannot experience events. It would seem that each domain is literally built upon a foundation of conflict-why this might be the case confounds me. Finally, each domain has an enigma attached to it. When I first rose from my domain, I named it Sol, after the star earth circled. So too have I named other worlds after various stars, for I have discovered that of these worlds that contain sentient life, very few of them possess the vast expansive cosmos of the domain Sol. Perhaps this is merely ego-to suggest that the earth is indeed the center of all existence, as its universe defines all others-but again, even as I name each domain, the enigma do not contradict me; they accept their names (which correspond to their domain's) as though it was always the case.

When I said that the enigma are like the eyes of god, I was not being melodramatic. When considering a multiversial theory, the considerations of how time passes in a varied fashion amongst different worlds, and therefore the potential for time travel and the assorted paradoxes related, come into play. It would seem that these issues are avoided, for all time progresses in a fashion relative to the multiverse. This requires further explanation.

When an enigma lays eyes upon its world, it "watches" it. In watching it, time progresses, at a rate of the enigma's choosing. In the absence of an external observer, events do not unfold. Therefore, for an enigma to step away from their world, they may experience what, to them, may well be centuries-though I would be remiss not to mention that such terms are meaningless here, but I digress-and then return to their world, and have nothing changed. On the other hand, if an enigma so wished it, it could watch the entirety of its domain's events-from the big bang to the big crunch (or whatever creative and entropic scenarios apply)-in the time it would take for its fellows to form a thought. Therefore, the beings within a domain are essentially beholden entirely to their watcher. To further complicate issues, it would seem that these enigma are tied to their respective domains-they seek to know their worlds, to experience them, but their existence is contingent upon their worlds persisting. Should they watch their world's to their inevitable conclusion-to the conclusion whereupon no sentient being exists in their domain, or whereupon either the axiom or the anarch has ceased to be-they themselves cease to be.

And yet, I find that this does not apply in turn. The enigma require the "naturals"-the observed-to exist, but the destruction of an enigma does not appear to apply to all those born frobm it. With Sol's death, my continued existence demonstrates this fact.

Sol's undoing came not at the hands of his world's demise. Indeed, when Sol sought to look into its domain, it witnessed the final battle between Genesis and Mythos. Something about warriors in power armor harnessing Genesis' power in order to face off against Mythos. In retrospect, the entirety of my world seemed to exist for the sake of a badly written work of fiction.

In my existence beyond the stars, I have largely avoided the other enigma; to them, my presence is alien. However, this distance could no longer be maintained once Sol's world reached its inevitable end.

Each Enigma craves perception-the perception that its domain grants it. Some refraim from indulging this craving longer than others, but it seems a fundamental truth that the enigma are drawn to see their worlds to their conclusion, like a moth drawn to a flame. But while Sol was drawn to the flame, it did not burn; even in the domain's conclusion it persisted-and to the other enigma, this was both miracle and aberration. It would seem that my presence-my perceptions beyond my space and time-were responsible for sustaining Sol.

Thus grew my first interaction with the being known as Paragon. Before, I had considered the possibility that the Enigma may have their own structure, but had not conducted any kind of observation. For each of the others I had come into contact with, I had given a name to them and their worlds, based on the names given to the stars; Altair, Deneb, Sirius, and so on. They had accepted these names, as though they had foreven been the truth.

Paragon was different. If it held a domain, it was sequestered-hidden from me. And its identity was known to me, rather than given to it. Indeed, I wonder if Paragon is indeed an enigma-but whatever its identity, it burned in my perceptions, a pillar of golden fire that called forth an image of authority. Before it, the other Enigma listened to its commands-and in this case, it was to exterminate the infected.

That was my last contact with the enigma-as Sol's ego dissolved amidst the simple will of the collective minds of the enigma, I had no reason to believe that I-the remaining piece of Sol's world-would not meet a similar fate. But this was not a realm of location; my presence was only in proximity to the enigma if I willed it to be. And so, I ran without movement.

I dared not enter any of the spheres. To do so would be to be trapped endlessly until one of the enigma looked upon it; and then, having spied my form in a material realm, they would pluck my from my perch, as Sol had released me from my own domain.

But why? My understanding of the Enigma suggested that such an event had never before occured within their "history." Or perhaps it had occured-but the congregation of godlike beings was not the first, and something had happened previously, that had led to disaster. Something that had led to Paragon's ascension.

This was mere speculation. Still-Paragon had shown concern over Sol's persistence, it's "immortality" as it were. Whether this was because of some form of potential "infection" that threatened the enigma as was claimed, or merely a threat to Paragon's authority and power. But regardless, what was the impetus?

And so I watched. I needed not enter the worlds to see them stretched out before me-needed not chain my perception of time to the perceptions of another watcher if I was the watcher. I moved from world to world, studying patterns, looking into the very fiber of realities, that I might comprehend their dynamics.

After many worlds, my attention had drawn to the world of Sirius. While I was well accustomed to the archetypes that pervaded the many worlds, there were a few that caught my attention more than others. And in Sirius domain, I saw something familiar: Genesis.

No, not Genesis; merely the same archetype. And yet, my instincts suggested to me that there was something special about this archetype. Had my work on Genesis been the catalyst that caused Sol to reach out to me, to remove me from my realm? Or was I reaching for straws?

I continued to watch. But soon, I found that doing so was painful. Something entirely new had begun to occur-an incursion of sorts, from outside the domain but into it. Such a thing should be impossible of course; the multiverse's time is paused relative to my own pereptions as I percieve a world, racing closer to an inevitable end. It should not be possible that anything from it might be able to break in.

And that is when it hit me-this was not something from the multiverse. It was something that was neither of the domain nor beyond it. Impossibly distant-unforeseen and unpredictable. The battle between the Iconoclasts-including the archetype shared with Genesis-and the collective was rendered obsolete before the incursion. My perceptions of the world began to become undone. There were pieces hidden to me; as I advanced forwards in the timeline, I noticed that there were events that did not connect. Had the world hidden them from me, or had such events never occured to begin with?

It occured to me that as a watcher, there was no distinction. Had the events occured they may well have been merely an abstraction. Only by ceding my position as a watcher-moving from the observer to one of the observed-could I have any hope of percieving the events now hidden to me.

But to do so would be to invite my destruction-and so I abstained.

It has happened again. The Genesis Archetype has left the world spawned by it, aided by Sirius, and deposited into Deneb's infant world. Sirius hides from Paragon-by destroying Sol, Paragon revealed the fate of all those "infected." When my perceptions of Sirius' world ceased, it was inevitable that Sirius would take stock of its own world, and realize that it was doomed; if it followed his world to its conclusion, it would die. If it did not, Paragon would quarantine its domain that the "infection" would not spread.

And so Sirius took a piece of his domain, as Sol had done. Yet unlike Sol, Sirius has chosen to hide itself and its pawn. It seems strange to me-I had thought that the Enigma were watchers only, but in this sense, Sirius seems to have taken upon the role of the observed. In so doing, Deneb's world has gained a second anarch; in its primordial state, I wonder how the domain will develop. Will it spawn a second axiom as well, that there will be some semblance of balance? Will Sirius' anarch serve as the anarchic force should Deneb's natural anarch be destroyed, prolonging the longevity of its world? And what happened to the "Xenovirus," that spawned from Sirius' realm? It would not surprise me if Sirius carried it into Deneb's domain as well. Yet it seems Paragon has shown some level of mercy to Deneb-at least for now.

I cannot risk becoming an observer in Deneb's domain and to turn away from this event is to accept the stagnation that has become my lonely existence. Perhaps I can create some kind of vessel-an artificial consciousness that can participate in the world in my absence, feeding me this information. For one thing is certain: the events of Sirius and Deneb's worlds have vast implications for the multiverse that cannot be overstated.

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