Zackaroth Explains It All

Any given domain is comprised of the perception of those that make up this domain. However, this perception is not merely the perception of those that currently exist as part of the domain, but also all those that have existed and those that will exist. Therefore, the shared understanding of reality that derives itself from that which has been and includes that which shall be forms the "basis" for any given world. This is where domain based matter comes from.

Channeling is the act of exerting one's will in defiance of the "base domain." How difficult it is to exert this will in defiance of the base domain is linked intrinsically to what is being attempted. Most domains possess "rules"-that is, circumstances under which it is easier to exert one's will on the domain. However, in addition to the necessary will, there are often other components required. The most common is known as "complexity." In this case, it is not the "will" of the channeler that is relevant, but rather the "thought." Wizards are able to exert their will due to understanding complex formulas. The formulas themselves are not channeling-rather, they are a mechanism whereby channeling is made easier.

In the case of divine magic, this complexity is handled by the divine entity. In such domains, it is typically the nature of such divine beings to be able to handle the complexity of a task effortlessly.

In many domains, there are things known as "spirits." Spirits can be thought of as wills that have yet to come into being, but that do not have an ego. As thus, they do not have the ability to channel, but they do have an effect on the shape of the base domain and, likewise, if their will can be utilized, whoever it is that utilizes said will is able to augment their own channneling. It is a noted that spirits in this sense have a self-reference paradox, wherein the ability to channel is based upon one's ability to channel. Of particular note, because these spirits do not have an ego, it seems unlikely they could exist outside of their base domain.

In the case of psionics, no "complexity" is added in order to aid in the channeling effort. To this end, "psions" (as they are often called) must instead use low-impact channeling. By interfering with the physical world only on the most root levels, and then using natural phenomenon-typically considered to be "the physical sciences"-psions are able to accomplish physical effects without having to expend as much channeling effort. "Telepathy"-or the linking of egos-is typicaly only possible due to the nature of a Domain's Collective Unconsciousness; because this web of communication already exists as part of the domain, the actual impact of channeling from psionics is relatively limited.

Theoretically, a psion who took up the mantle of divinity could utilize its own channeling prowess while allowing the deity to handle the channeling complexity. However, in practice, an ego becomes acclimated to a certain methodology of channeling-as thus, while a psion might have a greater talent for channeling in terms of overcoming "resistance" that the domain offers, this talent would most likely not be able to be applied to techniques whose complexity are "outsourced."

On the usage of Reagants and Fetishes
In some cases, reagants and fetishes-or "arcane material components"-are used as part of reducing the necessary "complexity" of an effort of channeling. Because a given domain recognizes, for instance, the connectivity of finger bones to death, spells that are associated with death in the domain's collective unconsciousness can be made easier to cast by virtue of consuming finger bones. In this sense, there is nothing truly inherent or valuable about the bones, so much as that by virtue of the domain agreeing that there is some connectivity to the bones, this becomes true.

On the existence of magical bloodlines
Again, the existence of entities such as Godsblooded or Deviltouched or whatever is not merely an issue of an improved will-although, it is true that such entities are frequently gifted with an exceptional will, as the domain's natural state of being is to enhance the will of such beings. However, because it is "understood" that such entities are special, there is no additional need for channeling complexity. That is, a creature born from a demon can simply exert its will directly, using whatever magical effect the domain deems appropriate for a demontouched.

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