Wizard Changes

Sha`ir Changes

You're playing a Sha'ir? Really? No. No you are not.

Arcanist Changes

You gain a variable bonus depending on your class feature. NOTE: If you take the Second Implement feat, you only benefit from the class feature granted directly from the Arcanist class.

Staff of Defense
You gain a +2 bonus to all defenses while wielding a staff. You may trigger staff of defense without taking any action.

Wand of Accuracy
While wielding a wand, you can score a critical hit on a 19 or 20. Whenever you use your Wand of Accuracy you may elect to reroll the attack.

Orb of Deception
Once per encounter you can use one of the powers listed for the Mage changes for those with Illusion apprentice.

Orb of Imposition
Once per encounter, when you impose an effect on an enemy that lasts until the end of your next turn, you may instead change that power to be save ends; you may then utilize your Orb of Imposition class feature.

Tome of Readiness
You gain the Mage's spellbook class feature, and may prepare an additional encounter attack power each encounter.

Tome of Binding
Once per encounter, you can use one of the following spells:
1st level: Summon Fire Warrior
5th level: Summon Abyssal Maw
9th level: Summon Arrowhawk
15th level: Summon Invisible Stalker
19th level: Summon Black Devourer
25th level: Summon Abyssal Horde
29th level: Summon Living Mountain

Mage changes

Evocation Apprentice
You gain a +1 bonus to damage rolls with evocation spells. This bonus increases to +2 at 11th level, and to +3 at 21st level.
Pyromancy Apprentice
Transmutation Apprentice [NEW FEATURE]
You gain combat advantage against any creature under the effects of one of your transmutation powers.
Transmutation Expert [NEW FEATURE]
You gain a +2 bonus to endurance and nature checks.
Transmutation Master [NEW FEATURE]
Whenever you use a transmutation power that operates differently based on HP Threshold, add half your character level to the HP Threshold.

Bonus Powers etc
Once per encounter, you may use one of the following spells, as long as you have the respective apprentice school.

Enchantment Apprentice
1st level: Bewitching Charm
5th level: Tasha's Forcible Conscription
9th level: Fool's Charm
15th level: Charm of the Dark Dream
19th level: Wrath of Battle
25th level: Maze
29th level: Legion's Hold

Evocation Apprentice
1st level: Freezing Cloud
5th level: Fireball
9th level: Ice Storm
15th level: Cone of Cold
19th level: Disintegrate
25th level: Delayed Blast Fireball
29th level: Meteor Swarm

Illusion Apprentice
1st level: Horrid Whispers
5th level: Phantasmal Assailant
9th level: Phantasmal Killer
15th level: Vertigo
19th level: Thought Cage
25th level: Sensory Deprivation [NEW POWER]
29th level: False Reality

Necromancy Apprentice
1st level: Spirit Rend
5th level: Summon Shadow Servant
9th level: Animate Dead [MODIFIED POWER]
15th level: Soul Puppets
19th level: Entombing Earth
25th level: Finger of Death
29th level: Moilian Flames

Nethermancy Apprentice
1st level: Ray of Fatigue
5th level: Summon Shadow Servant
9th level: Mirage Arcana
15th level: Enervation
19th level: Evard's Ebon Bindings
25th level: Dooming Darkness
29th level: Energy Drain

Transmutation Apprentice
1st level: Wind Blade
5th level: Foe to Frog
9th level: Flesh to Stone [NEW POWER]
15th level: Fragile Form (NOTE: This power is normally 19th level-it has been reduced to 15th level for this purpose)
19th level: Mass transformation
25th level: Glass Strike [NEW POWER]
29th level: Flensing [NEW POWER]

New Wizard Powers
In addition to the powers listed above, Wizards gain a few new powers (mostly to help with Transmutation)
1st level at-will: Stone Blood [REVISED]
1st level Encounter: Leaden Transformation (this power has been OK'd despite being from the Red Box)
3rd level Encounter: Transmute Rock to Mud [NEW POWER]
7th level encounter: Slow [NEW POWER]
13th level encounter:
23rd level encounter: Baleful Polymorph [NEW POWER]
27th level encounter:

Bladesinger Changes

The wizard encounter powers that Bladesingers gain as dailies are instead encounter powers, but the Bladesinger may only use one per encounter. The bladesinger can choose any wizard encounter attack power in his spell book for any given encounter (you don't have to prepare your spells ahead of time).

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