Wings Of Shadow

Czieska Ariesz: Self-proclaimed leader of the Wings of Shadow (and typically leader in fact, as no one else seems interested in the role), Czieska is close friends with Darius De‘Vaimer, hence how she was involved in the Robin Hood Guild, leading to this entire mess in the first place. Czieska bears the mechanical blade "Prototype," crafted from knowledge obtained from one of Zackaroth’s Legacies years ago, and her closest companion is "Tink," a small shapeshifting spiderlike robot that has the ability to fuse with the weapon.

Czieska tends not to talk about herself very much, and tends not to be very trusting of authority figures.


Misha von Teshra: Youngest member of the Wings of Shadow, Misha is known for her childlike sensibilities, complete lack of modesty, and affection for all living creatures-but a particular affection for fuzzy ones like Franz. Her antics are at times annoying-and her tendency to disclose secrets without pause has caused other members headaches on a number of occasions-but it's hard to suggest her heart isn't the right place.

Misha is the granddaughter of Amalaia de‘Seyner, wife of Maxwell De`Seyner, and is the daughter of Fiona and Charles von Teshra, making her the princess of Teshra. As thus, the king and queen have assigned Sir Jack to watch over her, though one might argue that he’s more interested in "watching over" Misha's bust line.


Deuson: No one knows if Deuson is actually Dueson's name-as given to him by his parents-or not, but the implied arrogance of naming one's self "Son of Deus" matches Deuson's personality. Having joined the Academy of Heroes after failing to get into Eloheim University, the young psion's telekinetic skills are unrivaled amongst others his age, and were better put to use at the Academy-if only due to how essential his participation has been due to the involvement of the Distant.

Deuson is at times jarring, crass, or otherwise unpleasant, but he is otherwise an admirable member of the wings of shadow.


Lynette: Lynette is one of the few, the proud, the Divinely Favored of the Ambition branch of Deus. Perhaps interestingly though, her "style" seems to have more to do with the Darkness branch. Having met with the party at the Academy of Heroes, Lynette seems to be relatively quiet-when she's not using junk philosophy about the virtues of darkness and light, or going on about when dinner is. Despite her at times unprofessional focus and needless showmanship, she is a powerful channeler, and has been a valuable addition to the team.


Minako Masamune: Minako had been attending the Academy of Heroes for a couple of years for some time, having been sent there by her mother, when the Wings first met her. Like Czieska herself, she's generally been adverse to talking about herself-it's only due to Vincent naming her that the Wings even know that her family name is "Masamune." She tends to excite easily, getting agitated about insults (particularly about the size of her breasts), but seems to be eager to help.

In the Hall of Mirrors, it was revealed that Minako is the daughter of Okui Masamune and Kenneth Grahm.


Alex 'Fate': Alex, for some time, was considered unpleasant due to his arrogance, and general thesis that he was better than anyone else at the academy. However, it does seem that when push comes to shove, Alex is more interested in stepping up than showing off, as demonstrated by his handling of the distant invasion. Since being picked up by the Wings of Shadow after the Academy's destruction, Alex has mostly been quiet, going along with the flow.

Of particular note is Alex's fascination with the "original" Alex Fate. During the Chronicles of the Third Eye, Alex Fate fused with his "brother" (it's complicated) Adam Fate, merging the spiritual bodies of two half-gods to become one deific force, which faced off against Deus' avatar-then on an earthly realm. In the conclusion of that battle, Alex sacrificed his very being in order to counter Deus' final attack, but this show of heroism has ultimately gone unknown and unrecognized by the world, who didn't even know that there was such an individual as Alex Fate.

The Hall of Mirrors revealed that Alex is in fact the reincarnation of the original Alex Fate, born into this world by Deus forty years after the world's reconstruction. It's unclear what mechanism was used to give birth to Alex, however.


Chelsea: The ghost girl Chelsea is the ghost of a girl that died a thousand years ago, during the construction of the tunnels under Eloheim. The Goddess Lumina took pity on her, and gave her a second life-yet not even a goddess is capable of true resurrection, and instead, Chelsea was given the task of operating as the guardian of the tunnels, until she would one day meet her true love. For the majority of that time, Chelsea was instead in a dreamless state, but when Felix established the Academy of Heroes, she awoke from her slumber. For whatever reason, Ajax Du‘Deccum was able to see Chelsea, while no one else could, and so they became lovers, the ghost girl able to mend Ajax’s wounded heart, and Ajax able to be the one person truly capable of loving Chelsea.

At least until Czieska's robotic friend Tink made Chelsea visible to all, thus totally negating the uniqueness of Ajax and Chelsea's bond.

When the Hall of Mirrors collapsed, the Topaz Ring of Lumina's was destroyed, sending Chelsea onwards to her final destination in Hades.


Ajax Du`Deccum: Nephew to Rex Du`Deccum, Ajax grew up in Ihrahna, underneath the strict tutelage of his mother. Yet no matter how much he studied, it seemed nothing was ever good enough. Awash in self-doubt and loathing, Ajax sought to take his own life, when his uncle told him about the Academy of Heroes, a place where he would be able to learn to acquire self-worth. Yet the academy did not serve to alleviate his doubts, and so he sought to take his life once again. After having slashed his wrists, he awoke in the infirmary, miraculously healed. There, he met with Chelsea-convinced that he was the only one who could see her, he felt that he was truly needed, and so began to grow a sense of self-worth.

In the Hall of Mirrors, Ajax was forced to confront his own misgivings about his continued existence. When the Hall collapsed, Ajax was sent to Hades-still alive-and now wanders the terrain seeking out his love.


Sir Jack: Perhaps the less said about Sir Jack the better. Having a fanatic devotion to Misha and the queen, Sir Jack seems to be the one person truly capable of annoying the princess. Though he tries to carry himself as an honorable knight, he tends to be more whiny and overly protective of Misha, despite that she's easily many times as strong as he is. Still, he is a loyal servant, and though he may be grating, his dedication is without question.

He hasn't been seen since the Hall of Mirrors.


Franz Fischer: Franz is a werewolf who refuses to ever take a human or hybrid form, instead preferring to maintain his four legged guise in order to act like an adorable and lovable dog, licking and otherwise being affectionate with whoever wants to pet him. Minako in particular finds this gross, as he's essentially pretending to be stupider than he really is in order to, for instance, take a bath with Misha, and considers him a pervert (which he is).

In the Hall of Mirrors, it was revealed that Franz is an experimental project of Irma Fischer, and that he escaped from the Department of Science. When Franz met with humans, they were afraid of his appearance, hence why he took the form of a dog. Having faced his insecurity, he has finally brought himself to take a more humanoid form, as he seeks Misha's affection, but he is still quiet.

With the Hall of Mirror's collapse, Franz was sent to Pandemonium, the domain of the deceased god of aggression. There he met with Raggorn, who has promised to lead the lupine to the portal in exchange for aiding him in his hunting along the way.

Getter%20Hartzner.pngGetter Hartzner: The Wings of Shadow met Getter aproximately a year ago, where he'd discovered on of Zackaroth's Legacies-the secret to his artificial arm and leg. Getter had been trying to unravel a conspiracy perpetrated by a sect within the Gnomish Military that had been seeking for the Philosopher's Stone-then thought to be the secret to nuclear fusion. Ultimately Getter wasn't much help in subverting the gnomes, as he was attacked when the Legacy went fully online, linking his facility to the master facility (which had been taken over by enemy forces).

In the Hall of Mirrors, it was revealed that Getter opposes his father, who wishes to conquer the world as part of some vengeance against humanity for slighting him and all gnomes. Yet Getter is keenly aware that were the situation different, he could very well have ended up like his half-sister Anja, and gone into the military.

With the Hall's collapse, Getter was sent to the Commonwealth-having been the only one of the Wings to not leave the face of Tarroth. There he was arrested for crimes against the Furher.

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