The Knights Of Sin

Persona: The mysterious and enigmatic new leader of the Knights of Sin, Persona bears the Rose of Envy, a xenovirus that allows her to duplicate the skills and abilities of others. Persona's motivations, true identity, and even humanity are all in question, but one thing is certain: She is responsible for the attack on the Academy of Heroes.


Edward Di‘Vellium (Aka Zarconian): Edward’s true name is Zarconian, a half-elf who has been the Knight of Greed since before the Return of the Third Eye, having received a heavy amount of cosmetic surgery in order to hide his idenity. Edward was responsible for the coup by the nobility over the royal family forty years ago-when Gauntlet was by and large deposed, and the Everians took control over the nation of Midas-but is also responsible for the latest upheaval in Midas as well, having used the Knight of Greed power to flood the market with vast quantities of gold.


Amadeus: An ancient telepath, Amadeus was the mastermind behind the Bijou, a rebellion against the Deusian theocracy over a thousand years ago, during the War of the Seraphim. Amadeus ultimately took the task of guarding the Third Eye following the War of the Seraphim as a form of penance for personal crimes he himself felt he needed to redeem himself for, having used his powers to convince Violet that she was in love with him. It's unknown how his brain came into Persona's possession-or why he's the Knight of Pride-but Persona has been using him in order to project the Knight of Pride's invincibility over her Distant minions.


Raggorn: Formerly the Divine Emissary of the Aggression branch of Deus-only due to having the emissaryship before Deus conquered that profile to begin with-Raggorn is a self-indulgent survivalist, who thinks nothing of taking what he wants when he wants it, whether it be food, women, or power. Despite his brutish demeanor and appearance, he is actually an intelligent individual and a relatively skilled arcanist-though he typically fights using his bare hands.

Raggorn has currently taken control of an army of cyclopses and other monsters on Mount Olympus.


Selora: The Knight of Lust, Selora has her claws in the events of Midas, having drastically increased the ranks amongst the Everian clergy, and having created her own elite squadron of Everian priestesses to do her bidding. That being said, rumors speak of the woman having engaged in peace talks with Teshra, attempting to foster a more permanent alliance between the two nations. While Selora is technically a servant of Aura, her Knight of Lust power most likely suggests the reality of the situation is the other way around.


Udiv: With Finea suspiciously absent, Udiv has taken control of Ihrahna in her place, the untold years of planning paying off. With the high council of Archmagi largely backing her ascension, Udiv and the Council of Thanatos-a series of liches under Udiv's command-have begun the process of redecorating all of Ihrahna in her image.

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