Supports are NPCs actively traveling with the party. While it's assumed that supports engage in combat efforts off-screen as well, Supports can also interact with combat.

Each encounter, the supports collectively roll initiative (that is, there is one initiative count for all supports). Each round, on the Supports initiative count, one support power will be activated.

In addition, each PC can "equip" one support, which gives a minor passive bonus for that PC. When a support is equipped by a character, that support's support power gains a special boost. Unless noted otherwise, the Equip Support Bonus does not stack if multiple PCs have the support equipped.

Active Supports

Amalaia De`Seyner (At-Will)
Use one of the Support healing abilities; it targets two creatures instead of just one.
Equip Bonus: +1 Healing Surge
Equip Support: Each target heals an additional HalfLevel HP.

Minako (Encounter)
All prone creatures suffer damage equal to the party's level (Note: Slashing damage).
Equip Bonus: Your melee attacks (including your melee touch range) are at +1 reach. Any power with a target entry of "adjacent creature" can be made against enemies out to 2 away. Your opportunity action attacks automatically hit. Finally, whenever you roll a natural 1 on an attack roll, reroll that attack.
Equip Support Bonus: Affected creatures provoke attacks of opportunity when standing up from prone until the Support's next turn.
Special: Minako can use Kojiro's attack power once per day (HalfLevel damage 9 times).

Franz (Encounter)
One flanked creature suffers damage equal to the party's level+20
Equip Bonus: +2 to hit flanked enemies. Whenever you make a melee attack while it is not your turn, deal +20 damage. This bonus does not apply to readied actions.
Equip Support Bonus: +20 damage to Franz's power

Adam Fate (Encounter)
One PC shifts twice their speed and makes a melee basic attack during this movement.
Equipment Bonus: You gain a +8 bonus to initiative, and a bonus move action once during this encounter. This action cannot be traded for a minor action. You may use this action even if you are dazed or stunned (though not if you are dominated).
Equip Support Bonus: The PC can make two melee basic attacks during this movement, but both attacks cannot be against the same creature.

Okui (Encounter)
One creature Suffers Level radiant and lightning damage and is blinded (save ends)
Equip Bonus: +2 to speed.
Equip Support: The effect targets two creatures

Moriko (Daily)
The next time a PC is reduced to 0 HP or is defeated this encounter, the triggering PC can spend a healing surge; the target cannot be defeated by the triggering incident. If this power does not trigger before the end of the encounter, regain this power.
Equip Bonus: You start the fight with THP equal to your level.
Equip Support: The PC heals an additional Level HP

Maxwell De`Seyner (Encounter)
Enemies in an area burst 5 suffer Level fire, cold, lightning, thunder, and force damage, and are pulled 2 squares towards the center of the burst.
Equip Bonus: You can increase the size of your close burst and area burst attacks by 1.
Equip Support: +5 damage

Dispater (Encounter)
Dispater creates a wall 4 of solid iron. The wall has 2 HP per level, and attacks automatically hit the wall. The wall is immune to psychic and poison damage, and to attacks against will.
Equip Bonus: You can make a saving throw to resist forced movement
Equip Support: The wall has 3 HP per level.

Getter (Encounter)
Two enemies adjacent to one another both suffer damage equal to the party's level +10 (Note: Bludgeoning damage).
Equip Bonus: +1 to hit with combat advantage and +1 to blast size with close blast attacks.
Equip Suppoqt Bonus: The attack instead affects all enemies within an area burst 2 (minimum of 2 targets)

Kenneth (Daily)
One creature suffers fire damage equal to the party's level+10, and its AC equals its reflex until the end of the encounter.
Equip Bonus: Heat Adaptation as a bonus feat; if you already have fire resistance, increase your fire resistance by 5
Equip Support: This power recovers at the end of the encounter.

Gisuraxx (At-Will)
One creature is immobilized until the end of the support's next turn.
Equip Bonus: You can make a saving throw to resist being knocked prone
Equip Support: The target also suffers HalfLevel damage.

Raggorn (Encounter)
One creature is berserk until the end of the Support's next turn
Equip Bonus: You can use at-will and encounter attack powers while Berserk. Double your attack and damage bonuses from the Berserk condition.
Equip Support: The effect applies to 2 creatures.

Violet (At-Will)
One creature is slid 2
Equip Bonus: You gain an additional minor action on your turn. You can spend two minor actions on your turn in order to gain a bonus move action.
Equip Support: Two creatures are slid 2 each instead.

Shryn (Encounter)
One PC gains a standard action and can use any at-will power.
Equip Bonus: When you spend an AP in order to make an attack, you gain a +5 bonus to hit and a +10 bonus to any damage rolls. In addition, you may spend two AP per encounter.
Equip Support: The target can use an encounter power.

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