An enormous empire, carved into the very rocks and hills of the northwestern rim of Homeland, Stonehelm is a series of subterranean cities inhabited by the bronze dwarven people. The natural terrakinetic powers of bronze dwarves allow them to dig through the solid stone, treating harsh bedrock as sandstone.

The Bronze Dwarves are excellent metallurgists, mastering titanium (which they call mithiril), using the metal in much of their more elaborate equipment. Recently, Stonehelm has entered into a series of contracts with the Solsim, to produce some of the larger raw metal components for industrialized machines the gnomes were creating. Transporting these materials has been a conundrum, and was responsible for the Homeland Express, the first major railroad to be built outside of the Solsim.

The surrounding mountains, both on the surface and underneath, are home to the western giants that plague the region, occasionally entering into skirmishes with the dwarven people.

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