Special Training

Special training refers to the process of characters acquiring bonus feats (or occasionally other benefits). Special Training can typically be acquired in one of two fashions.

1.) Plot Sensitive Special Training: Occasionally, the characters will be granted special training as the normal progression of gameplay. Each PC selects one of a number of special training options that they then obtain; multiple PCs can select the same option if desired. Typically, Plot Sensitive Special Training options are all useful for pre-scripted encounters in the future. Some may involve a montage

2.) Relationship Special Training: In STE, it pays to have friends-not only because, hey, friends are awesome, but as characters become acquainted with NPCs, they will have special training options. Some NPCs (most friendly ones) have four Relationship Special Training benefits, an introduction benefit, and benefits from levels one through 3 (you get the first level benefit as part of the introduction benefit); the more familiar and friendly the PCs get with the NPC, the more relationship training bonuses are opened. When a special training option is opened, one PC benefits from that special training option. The same option cannot be obtained multiple times, but who benefits from the Special Training has nothing to do with who actually made the efforts of befriending the NPC; that being said, whoever it is that befriended the NPC gets "First dibs" where relevant. Some relationship special training is little more than aesthetic, whereas some are useful in specific fights. In many cases, the highest ranked Relationship Special Training are extremely useful feats, such as Heat Adaptation, Cold Adaptation, or Poison Adaptation.

In a rare few cases (like with Chelsea, who gives healing potions), Relationship Training benefits may extend beyond feats.

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