Sorcerer Changes

Base Sorcerer Changes

You can use one of the following powers each encounter, depending on your spell source, as long as your character level is at least as great as the power level.

Cosmic Magic
1st Level: Cosmos Call
5th level: Moon and the Stars
9th level: Season's Malaise
15th level: Day and Night
19th level: Radiant Wings
25th level: Force Storm
29th level: Cosmic Vengeance

Dragon Magic
1st Level: Dragonfang Bolt
5th level: Palest Flames
9th level: Prime the Fire
15th level: Frost Eddies
19th level: Aspect of the Dragon
25th level: Draconic Incarnation
29th level: Wyrm Form

Storm Magic
1st Level: Howling Tempest
5th level: Thunder Leap
9th level: Bounding Bolt
15th level: Gale Burst
19th level: Crashing Winds
25th level: Leaping Lightning
29th level: Hellish Firestorm

Wild Magic
1st Level: Dazzling Ray
5th level: Everywhere and Nowhere
9th level: Contagious Curse
15th level: Prismatic Lightning
19th level: Split Strike
25th level: Words of Chaos
29th level: Doom of Chaos

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