To the southeast of Homeland, Solsim (also known as the Gnomish Isles, or the Greater Gnomish Commonwealth) is a series of large islands that are the home to the Gnomish People. Surrounded by ferocious sea beasts, the Gnomish people, who were not adept in any form of channeling by nature, were unable to venture out into the world for centuries. However, in absence of magic, they sought technology-using the materials at hand, Gnomes have developed brasswork mechanics, infused with their own artifice, and have taken to the seas-forming monstrous mechanical ships that are capable of defeating the sea beasts that once cowed them into submission.

Having developed electricity and running water, the Gnomes use rail based transportation and trolleys, their civilization being, in many ways, far more advanced than the rest of the world. However, the once lustrous sheen of the isles has begun to deteriorate, covered in a mana-charged cloud of coal dust, the result of too much industry in too small a space.

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