The Empire of "Heroes", Ronahm is a realm that has a very decentralized government in practice, being a series of nation states, with a symbolic leader known as "The Hero." Worshiping an entirely different pantheon of deities, the Ronahmi people do not have any Divine Emissaries that speak for their gods, as it is not dogma but deeds that speak true to the hearts of the Ronahmi people.

The Ronahmi people have dated technology in some senses, relying mostly upon iron and bronze, but in other senses their technology exceeds that of other nations of the Homeland, such as their eloquent aqueducts that allow them plumbing to magnificent bath houses. Ronahm is not a land of modesty, as evidenced by naked wrestling matches, one of the primary methods of proving one's legitimacy as a hero.

Ronahm is suspiciously infested with monsters, but rather than seeking to build up a military to eliminate these, most city states instead use the creatures of the nation as a rite of challenge, to test those who would be heroes. This attitude of proving ones self has allowed the Ronahmi people to excel as individuals, and though they have only a limited standing military, they have been able to overwhelm the armies of even more massive foes in ages past.

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