Rogue Changes

Scoundrel (aka Base Rogue) changes

Rogues can use one of the following powers once per encounter, as long as their level is at least as great as the power, and they have the matching class feature.

Artful Dodger
1st level: Trick Strike
5th level: Duelist's Demand
9th level: Vexing Escape
15th level: Bloody Path
19th level: Stolen Vitality
25th level: Cruel Pursuit
29th level: Immobilizing Strike

Brutal Scoundrel
1st level: Pommel Smash
5th level: Deep Cut
9th level: Crimson Edge
15th level: Slaying Strike
19th level: Flying Foe
25th level: Gory Slash
29th level: Assassin's Point

Cunning Sneak
1st level: Scattering Shot
5th level: Lurking Assault
9th level: Raining Death
15th level: Lurker's Threat
19th level: Snake's Retreat
25th level: Ghost on the Wind
29th level: Treachery's Reward

Ruthless Ruffian
1st level: Checking Jab
5th level: Downward Spiral
9th level: Not Worth my Time
15th level: Courage Breaker
19th level: Blood Squall
25th level: Shocking Execution
29th level: Cagey Killer

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