Ranger Changes

Base Ranger Changes

Once per encounter, a ranger can make a basic attack as a minor action.

Universal Ranger Changes

In order to use Primal powers, your Racial Theme must be Elf or Half-elf. Scouts must have the Elf or Half-elf racial theme.

Beastmaster Rangers add their enhancement bonus to the damage rolls dealt by their beast companion (they do not add enhancement bonus to their beast companion's attack bonus).

Rangers with the human racial theme gain proficiency in the Breasplate (see New Equipment

Hunter Changes

Hunters do not gain Bow Expertise or Crossbow Expertise. Instead, the hunter gains either the Archer Fighting Style or Beast Mastery class feature.

Any character without the Elf or Half-elf racial theme gains one of the following at-wills whenever they would gain a Hunter aspect power:

Predator Strike
Careful Attack
Fading Strike
Hunter's Teamwork
Nimble Strike
Warning Shot

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