Psion Changes

Psions gain an additional power point per encounter at 5th, 15th, and 25th level.

The psion gains an additional psion at-will attack power of of his level or lower. The psion may retrain this to a different power whenever he levels up.

In addition, once per encounter, the psion can spend an amount of power points in order to use one of the following powers, depending upon the psion's discipline focus.

A character with the Diverse Focus feat may qualify as being a member of that particular focus once per day.

Shaper Focus
1st Level: Summon Thought Servant (1 PP)
5th Level: Summon Ebony Stinger (2 PP)
9th Level: Malicious Lightning (3 PP)
15th Level: Summon Thought Warrior (3 PP)
19th Level: Summon Mind Weirds (6 PP)
25th Level: Summon Emerald Terror (6 PP)
29th Level: Summon Thought Champion (6 PP)

Telekinesis Focus
1st Level: Telekinetic Anchor (0 PP)
5th Level: Telekinetic Maul (1 PP)
9th Level: Clear the Slate (2 PP)
15th Level: Imprison (2 PP)
19th Level: Shred Reality (2 PP)
25th Level: Telekinetic Bombard (2 PP)
29th Level: Hurl into Heaven (3 PP)

Telepathy Focus
1st Level: Ravening Thought (1 PP)
5th Level: Hypnotic Pulse (1 PP)
9th Level: Inflict Pain (1 PP)
15th Level: Dominate (4 PP)
19th Level: Crisis of Breath (2 PP)
25th Level: Recall Agony (4 PP)
29th Level: Soul Break (3 PP)

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