Prohibited Materials

This is a NON-exhaustive list of prohibited materials. Just because something isn't on this list does not mean that it's not broken; I reserve the right to nerf in the event that anything breaks the game.


Themes are kind of nifty, but they're a terrible amount of bloat. Therefore, I will not be permitting them (racial themes are themes anyway).

Non-General Background

In short, your background can give you +2 to a skill or a skill as a class skill. Other than that, I don't care (especially since skill usage is at minimum; I encourage using skills to qualify for skill powers and to better reflect who your character is, rather than trying to be a skill monkey).

Damage Boosting Feats

Any damage boosting feat must be checked by me. Feats that give a feat bonus to damage rolls are strictly prohibited.


Revenants are prohibited. In addition, any race not from a PHB is prohibited unless granted explicit approval. Tieflings are a maybe (way way too many broken feats)

Characters in Schism do not use their PC race to determine their "character" race (if that makes sense). So, if you like the elven reroll ability, but want to play a human, select elf as your PC race; your "character" race is determined by your racial theme.

Feats in general

There's … there's a shit ton of feats that are just obviously broken. Just make your build, but if anything turns out to be overly powerful, we'll have to work around it. Oiy vey feat bloat…

In particular, any feat that offers a feat bonus to attack, damage, or defenses is prohibited.


Hybrid characters must all be approved by myself. As a point of order, I am almost certainly not going to approve any multi-role hybrids (Striker/Defender for instance), as they have the strong tendency to get "something for nothing."

I've already made two exceptions to that, so fuck me, do whatever.

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