Other NPCs


Varion Ramill: A man of great bravado and not a whole lot of sense, Varion claimed to be from a war torn future in which the gnomish military acquired Zackaroth's Legacy, and he and his brother were sent to the past to save the world.

The Wings of Shadow didn't buy it. So he told them that they're here looking for Xenomancy activity-whatever the hell that is.

Ultimately, it's probably best to not take him too seriously.


Vincent Ramill: The silent and stoic counterpart to the brash Varion, where Varion has an arm formed of artificial flesh, Vincent appears to have one formed out of steel-not unlike Getter's. However, while Getter's frame certain seemed to grant him mobility, judging from Varion's fighting style, it seems likely that there's some element of his arm that goes beyond its simple construction, as his aim seemed to significantly improve once he revealed his limiters.

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