New Feats

Firearms Specific Feats

Prereq: Must have proficiency in the Revolver.
Benefit: You are able to wield a revolver in each hand. When wielding a revolver in each hand and making a weapon damage attack, you may roll twice for the damage roll, taking the better roll. Doing so expends ammunition from both weapons, rather than just your main weapon. You may not use this feat unless both weapons have adequate ammunition.

Double Tap
Prereq: Must have proficiency in the Revolver or the Rifle.
Benefit: Whenever you make a ranged basic attack while wielding a Revolver or Rifle, you may suffer a -2 penalty to the attack roll and expend twice as much ammunition. If you do so, your attack deals +1[W] damage.

Vicious Sniper
Prereq: Must have proficiency with the Rifle.
Benefit: You may use a Rifle in conjunction with rogue powers and class features.

Racial Theme Feats

Primal Hunter
Requirement: Elf or Half-elf racial theme; Hunter class, Disrupting Shot class feature.
Benefit: You do not gain Disrupting Shot. Instead, you gain encounter attack powers from the Seeker power list.

Hope of All Humanity
Requirement: Human racial theme
Benefit: When using the Human Persistence feature, you gain a +5 bonus to the saving throw.

New Weapon Feats

Deadeye Shot
Prereq: Power Strike class feature.
Benefit: You may use Power Strike whenever you make a ranged basic attack with a weapon.
Special: Any Knight or Slayer stances that improve your melee basic attacks also improve your ranged basic weapon attacks.

New Multiclass Feats

Student of the Guard [Multiclass Fighter]
Prereq: Str 13, Con 13
Benefit: You gain training in one skill from the Knight Fighter's class skills list.
You gain the Defender Aura power. You can use Battle Guardian as an encounter power.

New Class Feats

Vicious Guardian
Prereq: Fighter, Battle Guardian power.
Benefit: Whenever you hit an enemy with the melee basic attack granted from Battle Guardian, you deal +1d6 damage. This damage increases to +2d6 at 11th level, and to +3d6 at 21st level.

Beastial Accuracy
Requirement: Beast Mastery class feature
Benefit: Your beast companion gains an additional +2 bonus to attack rolls.

New General Feats

Improvised Weapon Mastery
Benefit: Whenever attacking with an improvised weapon (such as pistol whipping an enemy), you gain a +2 proficiency bonus to the attack roll.

New Epic Feats

Force Mastery
Requirement: Psion, Telekinesis Discipline, 21st level
Benefit: Whenever you would push, pull, or slide a target with a psion power with the force keyword, add 2 to the distance of that forced movement.

Ghost Step
Requirement: Hexblade, Soul Step power, 21st level
Benefit: Once per round when an enemy misses you with an attack, you may teleport 2.

Epic Grit
Requirement: Defender role, 21st level
Benefit: The first time each encounter you would be reduced to 0 HP or less or killed, you are instead reduced to 1 HP.

Vicious Retort
Requirement: Steely Retort class feature, 21st level
Benefit: Your steely retort deals +3W damage.

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