Minotaurs are rare beings from Ronahm, one of the few non-human races to gain any semblance of civilization there. The minotaur have embraced the hero worshipping culture of Ronahm, the beasts becoming the heroes that once hunted beasts, though there are still many purists who think nothing of hunting minotaur for sport.

Minotaur Racial Theme
You can use weapons of your size or one size larger than you as if they were your size; your unarmed attacks deal damage as if they were one size category larger (for instance, a character with Monk Unarmed Strike would deal 1d10 damage, or 1d12 damage with Improved Monk Unarmed Strike; this ability does not stack with wielding a large spiked gauntlet). You may exchange any racial attack power you would otherwise get for Goring Charge; your enhancement bonus to attack and damage applies, but you do not gain the normal bonus to attack associated with the power; the power instead is Ability +2 vs AC.

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