The "Kingdom of Gold," calling Midas a kingdom is a bit of a misnomer. With the patron gods of Gauntlet and Everia, Midas is in fact something of a plutocracy, being run by merchant lords, with the Monarch being something of a symbolic figure. For the past forty years, the Kingdom has become increasingly industrialized by the introduction of gnomish technology, and has begun to spend their considerable resources into investing and developing an electrical grid. Midas' considerable might has frequently come into conflict with The Elven Territories as they need both lumber and space in order to expand, a high priority for the noble lords as they seek to increase their own holdings.

Midas capital bears the same name as the Kingdom as a whole, and is a place of staggering wealth surrounded by abject poverty. A strange dynamic has emerged whereupon the liberties of the poor are essentially ignored by the law, but this has given rise to a de-facto absence of law; the nobility requires servants, but refuses to compensate those servants adequately for their own very survival. In the wake of this, the Robin Hood Guild arose, a local thieves guild that literally steals from the rich in order to distribute this wealth to the poor-the rich then have invested considerable resources in protecting their estates, using protection as a means of competition.

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