Inherent Enhancement Bonuses

Every character gains an enhancement bonus to attack, damage, and all defenses equal to 1/3 their level. A character wearing heavy armor gains an additional +1 bonus to AC every 6 levels. This attack/damage bonus only applies to weapon and implement attack powers. However, any racial power that does not have the weapon or implement keyword that uses one of those funky +2/4/6 arrays can be made to sacrifice said array in order to add this enhancement bonus. Ask the DM about arrays of 3/6/9 or 4/6/8 (but in general, vAC attacks should get the enhancement bonus +2, whereas non-vAC attacks should just get the enhancement bonus)

Characters deal +1d6 damage per enhancement bonus on critical hits.

NOTE: Characters are prohibited from selecting any feat that would grant them a feat bonus to attack, damage, or defenses.

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