The Arcane Empire of Ihrahna is a nation that occupies the western border of the Homeland continent.

The longest standing country to last on the Homeland continent, Ihrahna has existed since before the War of the Seraphim. For the past three thousand years, it has been run by an arcane emperor or empress, underneath which a series of five arch magi have acted as counselors, who delegate the task of managing the empire to local magi. The country is a Magocracy, in the sense that the only way to hold any semblance of political power or (to some extent) even human rights was to become a wizard.

Ihrahna was the first country of Homeland to completely abandon a coin based currency, rather forming a credit based economy. Notes of credit were used to draw energy from the Spellpool, a magical artifact that allowed the forced-acquisition of spiritual energy, similar to elven shamanism but with no training required. The exacting specifics of the Spellpool are as of yet unknown, but access to the pool is controlled by the Emperor.

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