Id Psionic Theory

Note: Terms used in Psionic Theory do not match up perfectly with their usage in modern (and pre-modern) psychology. Do not study this page to pass your Psyche 101 test.

As it pertans to psionic theory, "Id" is the form of the mind that exists beneath conscious thought. It is typically associated with two concepts, Eros and Thanatos. Eros is the life instinct, and leads itself to "consumption and copulation" as it were, whereas Thanatos is the death instinct, and is associated with despair, fear, and other deep emotions.

Typically, a developed Id is useful in developing psionic talent that relates to one's self. For instance, psychometabolic techniques (such as those used to enhance muscle and bone strength) are said to draw on the Id. Likewise, "instinct" related clairsentience draws from the id, though object reading and the latter are more likely to be associated with the superego.

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