Heroes Of The Third Eye

Denoted for their involvement of the Return of the Third Eye-the events leading to S‘Raxxle’s death and Deus' resurrection 40 years ago-the so called heroes of the Third Eye are widely renowned as the saviors of the entire world. This tale of events was psychically implanted by Deus during his resurrection, and as thus some may question its credibility, but considering that these very same heroes were responsible for his destruction a mere two years earlier, one has to wonder why Deus would lie about their involvement.


Adam Fate
Son of the goddess Lumina, Adam is largely seen as the paragon of virtue that all paladins should strive towards; a pacifist that avoids the loss of life-even that of evil-whenever possible, a man who will do whatever it takes to stamp out tyranny, and altogether just a pretty swell guy. But despite being credited as the leader of the heroes of the Third Eye, Adam is not a very assertive person, and the decades have not changed that.

These days, Adam has largely left the task of saving the world from evil and darkness to the next generation of heroes-though he still comes to the defense of Eloheim when it is in peril.


Moriko De‘Vaimer Fate
Wife of Adam, Moriko is the adopted daughter of the De`Vaimer family, specifically adopted by Dougan and Alanna De`Vaimer, as the latter (an elf) could not bear the former’s child. She is one of the few half-elves in the world, and has mastered the shamanistic energy of the elven kin in a way that few others have. It is said that she is Adam's Raison d'ĂȘtre.

Moriko spends her days traveling between Eloheim-where her husband lives-and the Elven Territories. She actively works to facilitate peace between the Elven Territories and Midas, though her efforts (despite the pull she holds as one of the heroes) have so far largely been limited to preventing further outright hostilities.


Kenneth "Blaze" Grahm
Kenneth is known not only as a hero of the Third Eye, but also Fuuyon's savior; some two years prior to the return of the third eye, Kenneth was involved in the Fuuyonji Budokai, a tournament for powerful warriors. A "certain sequence of events" lead to the ancient being Si Xiang being resurrected, threatening all of Fuuyon (and possibly the world itself). Kenneth was one of the four heroes that destroyed Si Xiang, and in the process earned himself the blessing of Suzaku, Vermillion Bird of the South. He ultimately went on to use this power to face off against S`Raxxle.

Since the events of the Return of the Third Eye, Kenneth has spent much of his time traveling. It's known that he spent a good deal of time in Fuuyon, but hasn't returned for well over a decade for reasons unknown. Rumor has it that he now resides in Eloheim, acting as a teacher-though, considering his brash personality and empty headedness, one can only fathom what he might teach.

Kenneth has since gone missing, ever since the start of the Academy of Heroes new semester.


Maxwell de‘Seyner
It’s unclear whether Maxwell should really be considered a hero of the third eye or a villain; while it is clear that he was working to subvert S‘Raxxle’s efforts, the reality is impossible to contest: Maxwell was operating as a vessel for S‘Raxxle’s spirit the whole time. Ultimately, the world does not know the specifics of Maxwell's involvement in S‘Raxxle’s destruction, but neither the heroes of the third eye nor Deus himself bears him any ill will.

Maxwell is a calm and deliberate thinker, and has largely been credited as the "brains" behind the heroes. For some time following the Return of the Third Eye, Maxwell spent his years attempting to subvert the Magocracy in Ihrahna. However, since his wife Amalaia-the last of the seraphim-bore child some thirty four years ago, his efforts have largely waned, and the would-be revolution has taken a back seat.

For what it's worth, "de`Seyner" is not an actual noble name. It is unclear where the name comes from.

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