Half Elves

Half-elves are extremely rare-in no small part because humans and elves are biologically different species; indeed, one would think it was impossible for the two to procreate. And yet, on very rare occasions, a half-elf is born. Half-elves have a lifetime far beyond that of the average human being, but unlike elves do not have the pseudo-immortality (or reincarnation) trait. Like their elven breathern, half-elves can specialize in shamnistic magic, but once introduced to it, they tend to excel well beyond their elven kin, who have a sort of biological "lock" on how much spiritual energy they can absorb at once. However, using this Spirit Deluge technique is very draining.

Half-Elf Racial Theme
Half-elves can use primal powers. Whenever a half-elf makes an attack roll using a primal attack power, the half-elf may reroll the attack with a +5 bonus to hit, and critically hits on any hit. However, after using this ability, the half-elf is weakened until the end of the encounter.

Non-primal half-elves may instead gain one additional 1st level at-will attack power from their class.

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