Gnomish Commonwealth

Rudolf Hartzner: The high chancelor-or Fuhrer-of the Gnomish Commonwealth, Rudolf has been in command of the Commonwealth of Solsim for nearly forty years now, having ascended through the ranks of the military after the disastrous explosion that destroyed much of the Department of Science. Rudolf has built up the Gnomish navy to exceptional lengths, and is largely responsible for the expansionary policies of the country. A staggering five feet tall (huge for a gnome-especially one not on steroids), Rudolf is known to have a pleasant manner about him, and is surprisingly gentle considering his role.


Getter Hartzner: The son of Rudolf, Getter is something of a reckless youth. It's known that he doesn't get along with his father, and has abandoned all pretense of nepotism, refusing to accept a role within the military.



General Johann Schmidt: The highest ranking general in the gnomish military, Johann answers only to the fuhrer himself. It's said that Johann is the only gnome to ever take on a kraken without the usage of cannons, and with only a dozen men to boot. Since then, Johann has since advanced to utilizing the redesigned Erukan units.


Colonel Sebastion Becker: Renowned for his brutality, Becker used to be general before he was demoted to Colonel after getting his platoon wiped out at the hands of not one but two kraken. Having lost his right arm to one of the beasts, Becker is said to have a mad quest of vengeance against all sea beasts.


Captain Anja Gernot: Generally considered one of the most competent and level headed members of the gnomish navy, Anja Gernot is in charge of guarding the routes between the commonwealth and Fuuyon.

Department of Science


(Former) Director Fritz Muller: Director of the Department of Science, Muller has been working with the department of science since his aunt Gianna Muller was in charge of the department. Muller has been critical of the military's efforts to use the Department of Science not as a force for discovery, but rather as a means of weaponizing new findings, feeling that focusing entirely on weapons technology is a "lousy pretense."

Fritz died in the process of Zackaroth's Legacy's core being destroyed, after claiming that Irma Fischer would give the monkeys an unkind future.


Director Irma Fischer: Director, Fischer takes after the late former director-and Muller's aunt. Where Muller considers the usage of the department of science for weapons technology to be rather unseemly, Fischer has no such compunctions. However, while Irma does not mind the usage of science for weapons, she has a fascination with biology, and tends to be bored with the more "mundane" elements of weapons technology, delegating said research task to subordinates.

Director Fischer considers herself the "mother" of Carrion and his siblings, although even she admits that it's more accurate to call her the matchmaker as it were. It was her efforts-following notes left by the late Gianna Muller-that led to the half-elven breeding project, along with the olfactory based chemical that was used to control Carrion and his siblings.



Ziphod: It's unclear as to just what role Ziphod serves in regards to the Commonwealth. He clearly is responsive to Furher Hartzner, but signs suggest he is tied to the military but not an official part of it. Of note is his ability to requisition what sounds like a fairly high end-and secret-weapon. Other than that, little is known about the squirrely gnome, aside from the fact that he appears to be involved in some high end research.

Ziphod was murdered by Czieska in Zackaroth's legacy.

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