Garuumh battle

Regeneration 50
God Incarnate: Garuumsh acts four times per round, and ends any short duration effects active on him at the end of each turn. Garuumsh's regeneration triggers at the start of each turn.
Divine Anchor: Garuumsh is immune to any power with the teleportation keyword.
Stoic Rage: Garuumsh is immune to the berserk and dominated conditions.
Bloodrush Aura: Any creature that ends its turn in Garuumsh's aura while berserk without having made an attack is reduced to 0 HP.
Godsight: Garuumsh has Truesight 100. He loses this ability while blinded.

Czieska: You may use Escape Artist as a free action before or after using Arcane Strike.

Misha: Misha gains the ability to use angelic ki attacks as ranged basic attacks with a range of 10. These attacks deal 2d8+Strength modifier damage. Misha may use the following ability until the start of her next turn:
Free Action. Trigger: An enemy within 5 hits with an attack that does not include Misha as a target. Effect: Misha shifts her speed adjacent to the target and uses Mind Spike (this requires a seperate Immediate Reaction).

Lynette: When fighting a Solo and there are no additional enemies in play, Lynette can target the same creature with all three attacks of A Murder of One.

Deuson: Deuson must no longer decide which at-will power he has attached to Quickened Spellcasting; he may choose any at-will to use when using Quickened Spellcasting (he may still only use unaugmented powers). In addition, Deuson may use Dispel Magic as his Quickened Spellcasting power.

Raggorn (Encounter)
One creature is berserk until the end of the Support's next turn
Equip Bonus: You can use at-will and encounter attack powers while Berserk. Your critical hits deal +1 damage per level.
Equip Support: The effect applies to 2 creatures.
Note: Raggorn is petrified. He's not going to be using this support power this encounter.

Lava Pit
If Raggorn is knocked into the lava while grabbing Garuumsh they will sink to the planets core (effectly ending the fight). Any creature that enters the lava or starts its turn there suffers 50 fire damage.
NOTE: This fight has a victory bonus; knocking Garuumsh into the core while he is grabbed by Raggorn will not grant this victory bonus.

Each support on the field has an HP value and defenses. They are unaffected by status effects (for the sake of simplicity-Raggorn, obviously, is an exception). While a support is on the field, its support power cannot be used. Each support has a power that it can use as a standard action (unless explicitly noted), and can withdraw from the field as a move action. Once a support has withdrawn from the field, its support power becomes usable.

Unbreakable Grip: Raggorn has Garuumsh in a grab (Escape DC 100). While grabbed in this fashion, Raggorn and Garuumsh are restrained. Raggorn's grip remain even if he is dazed, stunned or rendered unconscious.
Immobile structure: Raggorn is petrified; while petrified in this fashion, Raggorn has resistance 200 to all damage other than psychic damage.

Maxwell (At-Will)
Remnants of S‘Raxxle (Ranged 5): One PC gains the Tainted Wounds feat until the end of the encounter.
TRANSLATION: When you hit Garuumsh with a melee weapon attack, Garuumsh’s next instance of regeneration is negated.

Amalaia (At-Will)
Calm the Spirit (Ranged 5): One PC is immune to the effects of berserk until the end of the encounter.

Kenneth (At-Will)
Inferno Drill (Melee 1): Garuumsh's AC is reduced by 3 (minimum AC equal to reflex). If Garuumsh's AC is already equal to his reflex, Garuumsh suffers vulnerable to melee 5 until the end of his next turn.

Adam (At-Will)
Flash Technique (Melee 1): Garuumsh's attack bonus is reduced by 2 until the end of the encounter. This ability stacks with itself.

Moriko (At-will)
Spirit Barrier (Ranged 5): One PC gains a +4 bonus to all defenses until the end of the encounter; this effect does not stack with itself.

Gisuraxx (At-Will)
Byakko's Pummeling (Melee 2): Garuumsh's Fortitude and Reflex are reduced by 3.

Dispater (At-Will)
Iron Fortress (Wall 4 within 1): Dispater creates a wall 4 of blocking terrain. The entire wall is destroyed in a single attack if hit by Garuumsh, but is immune to vWill attacks.
NOTE: Because the wall can be jumped over, its main purpose is to prevent shifting, and to block line of effect from Garuumsh's aura and close burst attack.

Okui (At-Will)
Fangs of Seiryuu (Melee 1): Garuumsh is blinded (save ends).

Minako, Getter, and Franz are not present; their support powers are unavailable

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