Fuuyon's entire political state has been thrown into chaos in recent years. Until sixty five years ago, the nation was ruled by the Imperial Family, allegedly holding divine sway of the kami-the multitude of spirits that fueled the shamanistic elemental energies of the nation. However, it was revealed that the Kami were merely the dispersed essence of Si Xiang, the god of "the world," bound by the collective efforts of the four saint beasts. With the assistance of some heroes, Si Xiang was defeated, but the Imperial family was discredited in the process. Since then, a number of local warlords have attempted to unify the country, but to no avail. In recent years, Fuuyon has been a battleground between two foreign powers, the Deuesian Clergy and the Gnomish Military-neither camp is directly fighting in the nation, but each has been supplying different Warlords with weapons and mercenaries.

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