Fighter Changes

Universal Fighter Changes

Fighters with the human racial theme gain proficiency in the Breastplate and Three-Quarters plate. (see New Equipment).

Base Fighter Changes

Combat Trick
Once per encounter, you may use one of following powers, as long as your character level is equal to or greater than the level of the power and you have the associated class feature.

Arena Training
1st Level: Lasting Threat
5th level: Crack the Shell
9th level: Shift the Battlefield
15th level: Defender's Gambit
19th level: Battlefield Challenge
25th level: Blinding Provocation
29th level: Final Challenge

Battlerage Vigor
1st level: Knee Breaker
5th level: Pinning Smash
9th level: Victorious Surge
15th level: Boulder Charge
19th level: Relentless Assailant
25th level: Earthquake Smash
29th level: Savage Butchery

Brawler Style
1st Level: Seize and Stab
5th Level: Crushing Foot
9th level: Pitiless Grapple
15th level: Relentless Headlock
19th level: Smash and Grab
25th level: Hold at Bay
29th level: Neck Snap

One-handed weapon technique
1st Level: Press of Steel
5th level: Relentless Pressure
9th level: Pestering Wound
15th level: Carve Initials
19th level: Mighty Shield Slam
25th level: Deft Counterattack
29th level: Debilitating Bash

Two-handed weapon technique
1st Level: Savage Advance
5th level: Brutal Advance
9th level: Jackal Strike
15th level: Hurricane Strike
19th level: Toppling Finish
25th level: Time to Die
29th level: Cascading Catapult Slam

Tempest Technique
1st level: Ruinous Assault
5th level: Dervish's Challenge
9th level: Punishing Storm
15th level: Masterful Parry
19th level: Adaptable Maneuver
25th level: Storm's Fury Strike
29th level: Enemy Undone

Brawler Style Change

When you have Brawler Style, you gain a +2 proficiency bonus to attack rolls as part of the grab action, and you add your enhancement bonus to grab attacks as though they had the weapon or implement keyword (see House Rules for details). These bonuses also apply to the Bull Rush action.

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