"The Free City" Eloheim is a bastion of knowledge and learning in the Homeland continent. The city, which is located adjacent to (but is not a part of) Midas, is an independent nation, and is treated as a sort of neutral ground where many of the deities of the world have formed major temples. It is known as the City of Heroes, giving birth to many paladins who have gone on to create legends of their own over the ages, and many of the population take a stance of hero worship not unlike that which is common in Ronahm.

Eloheim is an extremely elaborate city. Connected to the sea, it is crafted with a series of man-made rivers, which form sigils in the very foundation of the city itself. With the rivers that run through the city, travel by boat is a common method of getting from one side of the city to another. Furthermore, by harnessing a combination of mechanical and magical energy, working plumbing is available to the majority of structures. Finally, Eloheim has an advanced education system, years beyond anything else found on the Homeland continent, excluding certain elite schools in Ihrahna and in Midas.

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