Ego Psionic Theory

Note: Terms used in Psionic Theory do not match up perfectly with their usage in modern (and pre-modern) psychology. Do not study this page to pass your Psyche 101 test.

As it pertains to psionic theory, "Ego" is the conscious and cognitive mind. While the Id exists in the instinct or subconscious, and the superego exists as the superconsciousness that relates one's own perceptions to the perceptions of others, ego is one's self, as it were-the conscious projection of one's thoughts.

A well developed ego is used for psionic powers that "reshape" the world, typically metacreativity (the usage of ectoplasm in the construction of coherent shapes and constructs) and psychokinesis (the movement of objects, energy, and matter with one's mind). The ego is reinforced through sharp reasoning and critical thinking, though that is not to say that all masters of the ego are intellectuals.

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