There are two races of dwarves in Tarroth: Bronze dwarves (who are children of the earth) and silver dwarves (who are children of the sky). The former are relatively dark skinned bald humanoids with a natural affinity for earth and metal, whereas the latter are blond or red haired (and boy do they have a lot of hair) pale skinned humanoids with a natural affinity for thunder and lightning. Legend has it that the dwarven people used to be one-the gold dwarves-but that their respective differences in loyalties drove them apart. Now, the dwarves are mainly on opposite sides of the earth, though bronze dwarves are far more sociable than silver dwarves-owing mostly due to the latter's isolation from other cultures.

Bronze Dwarf Racial Theme
As a standard action, you can destroy a 1 square block of earth or stone, rendering it to loose gravel. In addition, your melee attacks ignore the first five points per tier of untyped resistance of any given target. Finally, you gain the Earthshock power, and count as an Earthsoul genasi for the purpose of qualifying for feats and similar game mechanics.

Silver Dwarf Racial Theme
You gain resistance 5 to lightning damage per tier. Whenever you make a melee attack, you can convert the damage type to thunder. Once per day, you can use the Promise of Storm power.

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