Deus Fight

Sight of the Third Eye: Truesight 100, and The Third Eye is immune to illusion effects.
Mind of the Third Eye: The Third Eye acts three times per round, and ends any short duration effects in place on it at the end of each turn.
Divine Will: The Third Eye cannot be dominated.

The Third Eye's nuclear barrier blocks line of effect against The Third Eye, but does not block line of effect from The Third Eye. Whenever The Third Eye starts its turn while the Nuclear Barrier is active, The Third Eye gains one Nuclear Swarm Token. Whenever The Third Eye moves, the Nuclear Barrier moves with it.
Vulnerable to Force: Psychic Corona is suppressed until the start of The Third Eye's next turn.
Psychic Corona: Squares in the barrier's aura are considered difficult terrain for enemies, and enemy teleport distances are halved within the aura. Whenever a creature starts its turn in Psychic Corona, that target is subject to a number of Nuclear Swarm attacks equal to the number of Nuclear Swarm Tokens active.
Immune to conditions
Immune to vWill attacks; if targeted by Dispel Conjuration, the Nuclear Barrier suffers 50 damage.
Immune to poison
Note: The Barrier recovers when The Third Eye is first reduced to 1000 HP or less, and again when reduced to 500 HP or less.

Nuclear Powered Drill (Basic): Melee 1; reduces target's AC; fire radiant force damage
Nuclear Bolt (Basic): Ranged 10; fire radiant force damage
Exit Nova: Close burst 1 radiant damage. Teleport 10.
Brilliant Recovery: Must have missed target with an attack this turn; Melee 1
Force Punch: Melee 1; push the target away, force damage.
Aura Flare: Ongoing psychic damage.
Final Nuclear: Close Blast 20. Deals 9999 damage. Can only be used while at 500 HP or less and as the first action of any given turn.
Intrusive Spear: Ranged 20, three targets; target grants CA until end of encounter. Force damage.
Kilo Nuclear: Close Blast 20. Deals 20d6 damage. Recovers at 1000 HP.
Meteor Shower: Ranged 50 x6; 20 damage per shot. Fire damage.
Nuclear Meltdown: Conjures three Meltdown Orbs; creatures that start adjacent or in the orb suffer 15 nuke damage, and creatures that start within 5 of an orb are subject to opportunity attacks.
Mass Oppressive Force: Ranged 20, all targets; force damage, knocks prone, can't stand and ongoing force.
Wandering Comet Strike: Melee 1, teleport to another creature and attack, teleport to another creature and attack.
Cruel Reaper: Close Burst 1, shift 2, close burst 1
Paralytic Glare: Close Blast 3; deals psychic damage and dazes.
Gut Punch: Melee 1; enemy misses with melee attack; dazed and weakened

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