Creature Traits


Creatures with phasing are immune to grabs, and certain immobilizing or restraining effects at the DM's discretion. This goes both ways mind you (phasing is quite frequently a very difficult to acquire and simultaneously fairly useless game effect; this effect increases its usefulness).


Unless stated otherwise, force damage ignores the insubstantial trait.


Note: This trait normally applies to creatures of greater space size than Gargantuan.

The creature is immune to the normal effects of the Pin Down feat. While grabbed, the creature is slowed and cannot shift instead of immobilized; if the grabbing effect would normally not immobilize the creature (such as in the case of Dance of the Stinging Hornet), this effect does not apply. Creatures with the Pin Down feat grabbing the creature gain a +5 bonus to hit with melee attacks, and whenever the creature moves, the grabbing creature moves as well.

Object Immunities

Note: This trait normally applies to non-living creatures, such as golems, traps, etc; it should not be used in a party that uses a large amount of vWill attacks, poison attacks, necrotic attacks, or psychic damage attacks.
The creature is immune to poison, necrotic, and psychic damage and attacks, and is immune to vWill attacks. In addition, the target is immune to the charm, illusion, and sleep keywords.

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