Class Changes

Due to the elimination of traditional daily attack powers, each class gains some benefits to replace the lost dailies. The exceptions are the Thief and Slayer, which do not gain such advantages. Some other changes are also implemented.

Note that subclasses (Slayer, for instance) are referenced in the main class' category.

Further Note: The classes are here for completionist's sake. I'm not "endorsing" the usage of any given class or anything. That is to say, the fact that Runepriests or Vampires weren't just "left off the list" is not a suggestion that I like those classes or anything.

Artificer Changes
Assassin Changes
Ardent Changes
Avenger Changes
Barbarian Changes
Bard Changes
Battlemind Changes
Cleric Changes
Druid Changes
Fighter Changes
Invoker Changes
Monk Changes
Paladin Changes
Psion Changes
Ranger Changes
Rogue Changes
Runepriest Changes
Seeker Changes
Shaman Changes
Sorcerer Changes
Swordmage Changes
Vampire Changes
Warlock Changes
Warden Changes
Warlord Changes
Wizard Changes

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