Characters Of Teshra

King Charles von Teshra III: Charles is the king of Teshra, bearer of the divine mandate of the celestial heavens, and all around okay guy. Having taken the mantle of king after the death of his father some forty years ago, Charles has remarkable vigor for a man his age, and has taken to running the kingdom with a greater level of involvement from the royal family than in past generations. It's said that he is rather overprotective of his daughter-next in line for the throne, after all-but that she has disappeared.


Queen Fiona von Teshra: Fiona is said to be a gift to Charles from the heavens themselves. Her legendary patience and beauty is known throughout the land.


Sir Jack: Sir Jack is a knight of the crown, and the retainer of the royal family. The eighteen year old knight has been with the family as a loyal servant since childhood. Rumor has it that he has a certain something for the queen, though these rumors are largely unsubstantiated-after all, if they weren't, Charles would most certainly have his head!

Jack enrolled at the Academy of Heroes in order to keep an eye on princess Misha.

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