Characters of Midas

Robin Hood Guild

The Robin Hood Guild (Name Change Pending) has stood for the peasantry of Midas Capitol for over thirty years now. Its members are all dedicated to not only alleviating the burden on the common man during this time of oppression by the plutocrats, but also ultimately one day overturning the existing order.


Xaphnos (Leader)
The founder of the Robin Hood Guild, Xaphnos is a shady character. A lifelong smoker, he's become more and more reclusive over the years, delegating more and more of the guild's operations to his assorted underlings. Xaphnos' past isn't considered proper conversation topic amongst the members of the guild, as certain elements are considered to be old wounds.

Rumor has it that Xaphnos' health has been declining rapidly in recent years.

Turns out the rumor was accurate; he is now deceased.


Darius De‘Vaimer
Darius is the leader of the "youth league," a sect of the Robin Hood Guild largely formed of individuals between the ages of 14 and 24 (age range sound relevant?) The De`Vaimer family has always been known to be a bit idealistic, to the point where over the years they’ve been ostracized by the other members of the nobility. Thus, when Darius graduated from university at Eloheim, he was more than happy to take up the cause.

The De`Vaimer family does not have an estate in the Capitol, as most of their holdings are tied up in Eloheim.

As gold has begun to flood into Midas at a rapid pace, Darius has been trying to work with the nobility in order to establish a system whereby the government of Midas is controlled not by capital owners, but by the people-laborers and the like-and a non-metal based economy.

"The Guest"
Decades ago when the Robin Hood was first founded, it was founded by three men: Xaphnos, Dougan De`Vaimer, and a third, whose name has since fallen into shadows. However, it is said that the third founder occasionally visits Xaphnos-but that when last they met, Xaphnos was assured that the next time they would meet would be their last.

Midas Nobility


The Divine Emissary of Everia, Aura is well known for her haughty mannerisms. While not actually a noble, Aura's position within the church effectively gives her the most political power of any single person throughout the entire kingdom. Despite this, she frequently takes matters into her own hands, using the abilities granted to her by her goddess to prove some kind of a point or another.

She is quick to anger, and more than a little sensitive about the size of her breasts (or rather, the lack thereof). She is most easily recognized by her flowing dress made entirely of gold coins; the dress is not actually a dress, but her kinetic control over gold holds the coins in place effortlessly.

Since being stripped of her armor in Di‘Vellium’s estate, she has taken to wearing a bodice underneath-"just in case."

When Midas begun to see a massive inflow of gold, the gold holdings of the nobility were instantly devalued. The government's position of exchanging gold for currency was revealed to be an enormous mistake, as they were forced to print millions of coins, devaluing the currency into nothingness. While the noblity's holdings-principally land-have maintained an absolute value, the Everian's position of power-in the face of a nation that no longer values coin-has begun to be questioned. As thus, Aura is furiously on the look for whoever it is that is responsible for this economic catastrophe.


The ruby-haired Everian priestess stands apart from her sisters due to her cruel eyes and predatory smirk. Appearing soon after the events following the Philosopher Stone incident in Midas, her past before becoming an Everian is shrouded in mystery. While Selora's motives are unknown, it is readily apparent that Aura has since grown to trust her and that trust has given Selora much freedom in Midas.

Following Edward's disappearance, and in the midst of the economic turmoils Midas has been going through, Selora has been tasked with hunting down Edward-seeking answers from him regarding his involvement in the sudden influx of gold the nation is experiencing.


Darryl De`Vaimer
As far as the De`Vaimer household is concerned, Darryl is the black sheep of the family-but as far as the Midasian nobility is concerned, Darryl is the only white sheep of a black sheep family. Darryl is a backstabbing mercenary by trade, working almost exclusively for the Midasian nobility, and is a Deusian, utilizing the abilities of the Clergy of Darkness; Darryl has earned the official title of Blackguard ten times over.

After his defeat by Czieska and friends in Midas, Darryl was brutally injured by Prototype. While Balmung and Darius managed to patch up his body, his pride has been brutally injured, possibly never to recover. As the economic turmoils in Midas have made it impossible to acquire good payment for work-and as most of his men are now deceased-he has moved on to greener pastures, as it were.


Edward Di‘Velium
Edward and the Di`Velium family deal in the most valuable trade of all-information. Or at least, that’s the line he likes to tell. Edward has been working to facilitate effective communication between the Gnomish Commonwealth and the Dwarves, and is heavily invested in the Homeland Railroad project that the societies have been working on. Because the railroad cuts straight through the elven territories, he has been using his not inconsiderate political power to attempt to encourage Midas to invade the territories and seize the terrain "for the good of the people." However, after the previous war, Midas is not eager to engage in open hostilities once again, especially not with Teshra giving the elven territories full support.

Edward is confirmed to be missing, following an explosion in his office. Unbeknownst to the people of Midas, this disappearance was orchestrated by himself, in order to gain greater freedom to move about, while his plan-forty years in the making-was unfurled. Edward-then known as Zarconian-had created an enormous amount of gold using his ability as the Xenomancer Knight of Greed; this gold was used to purchase enormous amounts of capital, when the gold was then exchanged for coin, crashing the value of Midas' currency. As the country falls into ruin, no one knows where Edward is, or what his true motivation was for dethroning the power structure he helped create.

The Gauntlets


The tale of the Divine Emissaryhood of Gauntlet is a rather strange one. Forty years ago, the position was held by Gestalt. However, Gestalt-in seeking to root out all corruption-had accepted the corrupt power of the Eye of Destruction. As Gestalt became overcome by that power, he recognized that the Gauntlets themselves were a force of corruption, and so was set to destroy the Capitol of Midas itself, and himself in the process. Not wanting his protege Balmung-who he deemed innocent-to die, Gestalt transferred hold of the emissaryship to Balmung, asking him to leave before his self-destruct. Yet Balmung refused, instead using the power to contain the blast.

Ultimately, when Deus was resurrected shortly thereafter, Balmung and Gestalt were one of the dozen or so individuals resurrected; Balmung maintained the status of Divine Emissary of Gauntlet, but the scandal of the Gauntlets in the capitol was partially responsible for upsetting the social order in the Kingdom, with the Gauntlets falling out of favor. Having less and less control over the affairs of the country, Balmung ultimately ceded control over the emissaryship entirely, awaiting a time when the law of the land and the justice of the land would be aligned once more. It is said that the right to the emissary is held within the gauntlet he once wore, awaiting a champion that can do it justice.

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