Characters Of Ihrahna

High Empress Finea: No one's beauty in all the world is more majestic, no one is more competent of a ruler, and no one's mastery of the arcane can top Finea's. At least, that's the talking points that Finea insists upon. Despite her youthful appearance, Finea has ruled Ihrahna for as long as anyone can remember-including Udiv-and has kept a tight leash on the activities of the empire for this time. Finea has something of a special hatred for Maxwell De‘Seyner, as his attempts at rebellion-regardless of how ineffective they’ve been-have been a thorn in her side for quite some time.

Finea has disappeared in recent months, leading to a coup by the Council of Thanatos to command the nation.


Grand Necromancer Udiv: No one remembers (save perhaps Finea) whether Udiv was originally male or female-and it's entirely possible that the lich has made deliberate efforts to keep things that way. The ancient lich's body has withered away to dust, leaving only a skull, but in so doing, Udiv has kept around a headless horseman, as it were, who transports her everywhere. Udiv is a cruel schemer, who has been attempting to usurp Finea for nearly as long as Udiv has been on the Arch Magus council. Rumors speak that she is ready to make her move any moment now-but such rumors have existed for decades, if not centuries.

Council of Thanatos


Evarz: Evarz is a sleek skeletal lich, who has a principle of minimalism. Having led largely an ascetic life, Evarz is said to have died from malnourishment. He is easily distracted, and prone to using undead or conjured servants to fulfill his tasks.

Evarz's specialty lies in conjurations. His trademark spell "Evarz' Black Tentacles" is legendary.


Irvana: Youngest member of the Council of Thanatos-both in admission to the council and as in age of her body before her death-Irvana has been found irritating by a number of the other members of the council, having an atypical attachment to the physical form and indeed physical acts (so to speak) for one of her kind. Unlike the rest of the council, Irvana's form is mostly in tact, save for the flesh over her lower jaw.

Irvana specializes in charms, and is responsible for leading diplomatic relations with other nations.


Quirax: The most senior member of the Council of Thanatos, Quirax is perhaps the least attached to worldly affairs. A disciple of Rashall, Quirax seems to view the recent conquest of Ihrahna by the Necromancers as a sort of revenge scheme against the Empress Finea, who he believes snubbed him some time back when he was still alive.

Quirax is an ephermal being, having suffused his bones with shadowy substance, so that he is part lich, part wraith.


Rhelia: Rhelia is the former rival of Udiv, from centuries ago. It is said that Udiv threw Rhelia-at that time, both still living-into an active volcano as part of a mage duel. While Rhelia died, the lich ritual she had already undergone caused her bones to fuse with the molten lava, creating a skeletal structure like that of stone. Having existed buried in liquid rock for a hundred years, she eventually managed to claw her way to the surface, where she once again challanged Udiv. But while Rhelia had become nigh invincible against physical force by way of her petrified body, Udiv had had a century to master her command of the undead, and so Rhelia became naught but a puppet.

Rhelia's magic focuses upon entombing her enemies-much as her rival entombed her.


Urvarn: Urvarn is the oldest amongst the Council of Thanatos-in that his corpse is that of an old man. Indeed, Urvarn is the only lich on the council who completed the ritual by the process of dying of old age (cardiac arrest, specifically). In Urvarn's own words, "there was just never the time to die." Urvarn's mind had started to go even as his heart failed him, and so even in lichdom his psyche is somewhat deteriorated. He still has a number of habits from when he was still alive. Urvarn serves as the secretary of the council, keeping track of the council's minutes and such.

Urvarn, despite his scattered mind, is skilled at snuffing out the life force of others in an instant.


Vudal: If Evarz is a minimalist, Vudal is the opposite, fond of elaborate jewelery and arcane implements and prone to sweeping gestures. Vudal, like Rhelia, once considered himself Udiv's rival, until she crushed him beneath her will effortlessly. Since then, he has merely taken his role as the hawk of the Council a little bit to heart.

Vudal's showmanship reflects itself in his arcane, which utilizes black flames that either sear the body to the bone, or chill the very soul.

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