Characters Of Fuuyon

Heroes of Fuuyon

Some forty two years ago, during the Fuuyonji Budokai-a martial arts tournament where the strongest fighters from all around the world are gathered-forces conspired to resurrect the being known as Si Xiang, a godlike force that had been imprisoned by its own servants for eons. These four, blessed with the four saint beasts, struck Si Xiang down, and saved Fuuyon from complete destruction.


Kenneth Blaze Grahm: THIS guy again? How many pages is he on?


Gisuraxx: For the longest time, it was a bit of a humiliation for the Fuuyonji that the champion of the Fuuyonji Budokai was not a Fuuyonji, but actually a minotaur wrestler from Ronahm. This champion was Gisuraxx. Gisuraxx ultimately went on to bond with Byakko-Saint Beast of the western wind. He has since returned to Ronahm, and has spent much of his time in the arena there, though with his divine power, he's a bit short on reasonable challenge.

After the Wings of Shadow and "Wings of Light" collectively defeated Gisuraxx in the ring, he's hung up his belt and decided to make a new life for himself, working on the trans Homelandian railroad.


Miashi: No one really knows what Miashi's deal was. An elven ninja? What the fuck was up with that? Miashi bonded with the Saint Beast of the North-Genbu-and was instrumental in the final battle against Si Xiang, but already having been eliminated from the Budokai, after Si Xiang's defeat, she seemed to disappear from the world entirely. What happened to the turtle elf?

Future revelations revealed that Miashi served-quite unwillingly-in a special breeding project undertaken by the Department of Science under Irma Fisher. The elven ninja is the mother to Carrion, as well as another. The father is unclear, but may be Raggorn.


Okui Masamune: A student of Kojiro Tenken, the budokai was the very first of Okui's. She lost in the second round to Kenneth, but despite her defeat, she went on to bond with Seiryuu, the Saint Beast of the east, earning herself the title of "Storm Princess." Since then, she has taken towards helping Fuuyon avoid falling into anymore chaos than is actually necessary.



Kojiro Tenken: Kojiro is an artificial being created by the Cult of the Third Eye well over a thousand years ago, during the War of the Seraphim. His nature is a true enigma, and his role in history is largely ill understood. Still, he has taken up residence in Fuuyon, having opened a dojo. Until the death of his beloved Rose, Kojiro's dojo was considered the defacto place for the swordsmen of the old way to learn from the greatest warrior of this-or any-era. However, with Rose's passing, the dojo has fallen into disrepair.


Rose Aikawa Tenken: Little is known of Rose, aside from the fact that she is the sister of Violet, the divine emissary of Deus. She lived with Kojiro from the time of the Chronicles of the Third Eye-when the metallic humanoid defected from the cult of Deus-to her death some two years ago.

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