Characters Of Deus Corp

Violet: Violet is likely the single most powerful person on the planet-not just as a channeler (though, as both a psion with over a thousand years of mental discipline and the principle divine emissary to Deus-inarguably the strongest deity in all of Tarroth), but also in regards to her command over Deus Corp, which by and large single handedly controls the nation of Ceeon. Violet is proactive in managing the various projects overseen by Deus Corp, though she leaves actual governance of Deus Corp territories to others.


Raggorn: Divine emissary of the now deposed deity of aggression, Raggorn is a unique exception to the rule that a deity may only have one emissary, for Raggorn jumped ship when the writing was on the wall. Since then, he has cowed the Orkashi people of Ju‘Raj into accepting Deus as their new deity, and while Raggorn hasn’t exactly managed to get the Orkashi tribes to cease their destructive ways towards travelers and to the surrounding elven tribes, he has at least managed to create safe zones for Deusian officials after the sweet booty that is the natural resources of Ju`Raj.

According to Irma Fischer, he participated in a special half-elven breeding project, and may be Carrion's father.

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