Ceeon is a nation that has gone through a number of political changes over the past thousand years, having started out as a theocracy run by Deus, then shifting to a republic run by powerful psychics, before reverting to a monarchy, and finally, with Deus' return, being restored to a theocracy once again, though maintaining much of the fundamentals of past republics. Ceeon is a land that has embraced the cognitive side of spiritual pursuits-meditation is part of the human culture.

Due to the prominence of psychic powers, much of what would otherwise be done with manual labor is instead substituted with psychic energy. Buildings are made out of hardened glass and crystal, and the entire nation seems to shimmer-a disorienting effect to those new to the world. Only by training one's mind's eye to see such a world as no longer dazing can one hope to succeed in the competitive-yet spiritual-land.

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