Boons And Equipment

"Gear" is not a part of a character's build in Schism. You cannot simply purchase magical items using gold off of some master list. Gold is not a measurement of character power, though arcane characters can research and develop magical items given enough time (translation: generally more time than there is between adventures~).

Gold is mostly ad-hoc, but characters can start with whatever mundane gear they want. Some enemies may disarm or may be resistant to certain weapon types (this will be used pretty sparingly though-skeletons resistant to slashing weapons etc), so for characters with a decent strength score, it's a good idea to carry multiple weapons. That being said, if you're a purist who only wants to ever use a single weapon, that's also acceptable and will be a major problem.

Characters will acquire boons-immaterial magical items that grant benefits (properties, encounter powers, daily powers) to the user, and require no body slots. Make sure to send the DM a "wish list" of various properties/powers that would complement your build; obviously, being on the Wish List doesn't mean that you're certain to get it, but it does make it more likely that one of your boons will reflect your request.

In addition to normal equipment, due to a various technology levels, some characters may have access to New Equipment

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