Characters of Bastion

The Inner Circle


Kain, the Blood Wyrm: Kain, the Blood Wyrm. The Golden Dragon. God of authority, master of Bastion, unquestioned lord of Hell. Though known as the Golden Dragon, Kain typically takes the form of an unimposing human with cascading locks of blond hair. Though soft spoken, his word is absolute law.


Finea: Unbeknownst to those in the mortal realm, Finea serves as the Divine Emissary of Kain. While she is not of infernal blood herself, she is the queen of hell; her word is absolute law, second only to the Golden Dragon himself.


Saive: The manservant of Finea, Saive handles virtually every matter that the Empress of Ihrahna sees as unfit for her personal attention. He is a tremendously powerful knight of hell, and commands a legion of pit fiends and other infernal servitors.

The City


Landra the Seducer of the Crypts: An agent of the Crypts. Landra is prone to playing politics.


Mephisto the Coldflame of the Crypts: An agent of the Crypts. He acts as the Crypts' enforcer.


Lucca Bloodkin: Daughter of Boss Bloodkin, the head of the Bloodkin family. Cloistered away for who knows how long, Lucca hatched a scheme to destroy her own sanctuary, so should could escape from her eternal boredom. She's since been guiding Lucas around Bastion, helping him to reunite with the other Wings of Shadow.

The Forge


Dispater the Iron Prince: The master of the forge, Dispater's infernal blood gives him mastery over all things iron. Though slow, he is said to possess strength far surpassing even that of pit fiends. He is said to be a lonely sort, with only Pazuzu as his friend, the two of them toiling endlessly within the forge to ensure that each generation of mazoku are born without defect.


Pazuzu: Pazuzu serves as Dispater's accountant and all around assistant manager to the forge. When there's a problem with any of the equipment, Pazuzu immediately informs the Iron Prince without delay.

Garden of Eden


Baalzebal: Guardian of the Garden of Eden, Baalzebal is the lesser of the Lords of the Flies. A being of reasonably low intelligence, his servitude to his superior Beelzebub is unquestionable.


Beelzebub: Prince of the Garden of Eden, Beelzebub is a massive fly, that attends directly to the matters of the garden. It is through his fell magic that Moriko has been transformed into a font of spiritual energy, that feeds directly into the garden's crops.







Mammon the Obsidian: An enormous black dragon, Mammon circles the terrain surrounding the entrance to Gehenna, assaulting all those that would attempt to break out-or in-with an onslaught of fire from above.


Levistus: A weak devil doomed to a fate in the mines, Levistus is the first being that Misha met within the mines of Gehenna. He seems to be very afraid of punishment at the hands of the guards, but cares about the fates of others.


Asmodai the Warden: Asmodai has been at his job for centuries, and during that time, there has never been a prison break above the second level. Asmodai has a strange fetish for chains, and it's said that he has "procured" some female prisoners for his "personal usage" on occasion, but he has never been admonished for it.

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