Barbarian Changes

Universal Barbarian Changes

Only characters with the Elf or Half-elf class feature may utilize primal powers; non-elves remove the Primal keyword from Rage Strike.

Non Elf or half-elf barbarians may select fighter encounter attack or utility powers.

Base Barbarian Changes

Barbarian Rage
The Barbarian can rage as a minor action once per encounter. The rage lasts until the end of the barbarian's next turn, and can be sustained as a minor action while bloodied. The barbarian can end the rage by using Rage Strike; the Rage Strike does not require the expenditure of a rage power, and is treated as if it used a rage power equal to the barbarian's character level (use the next lowest level).

While raging, the barbarian gains a +2 power bonus to attack and damage rolls.

Barbarians without the Elf or Half-elf Elven Heritage feature deal +1d8 damage per tier on melee basic attacks, and are considered to be under the effects of Berserker's Fury for the purpose of martial barbarian attack powers; those powers do not gain the primal keyword.

Berserker Changes

Your berserker's aura is an aura 2 instead of aura 1; when an enemy shifts while within your aura or makes an attack that does not include you as a target, you may shift 1 square before using Vengeful Guardian.

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