Avenger Changes

Once per encounter you can use one of the following powers as long as you have the associated class feature and are of high enough level.

Censure of Pursuit
1st level: Wings of Light
5th level: Oath of Consuming Light
9th level: Aspect of Speed
15th level: Oath of the Many
19th level: Stroke of Doom
25th level: Wings of Pursuit
29th level: Final Oath

Censure of Retribution
1st level: Celestial Fist
5th level: Living Death Strike
9th level: Winds of Woe
15th level: Oath of Divine Lightning
19th level: Vengeful Recovery
25th level: Sigil of Damnation
29th level: Impaling Summons

Censure of Unity
1st level: Strength of Many
5th level: Dance of Flame
9th level: Enduring Strike
15th level: Ghostly Chains
19th level: Blade of Astral Hosts
25th level: Amber Prisons
29th level: March of Doom

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