Assassin Changes

Base Assassin changes

Once per encounter, you may use one of the following powers. Your character level must be at least as high as the selected power.
1st level: Grave Spike
5th level: Shadow Soul
9th level: Obscuring Shadow
15th level: Death's Doorstep
19th level: Executioner's Blade
25th level: Assassin's Scalpel
29th level: Intent to Murder

Guild Training
Dusk Reaper
Dusk Reapers gain proficiency with the scythe, and may use dexterity in place of strength when making melee basic attacks using a scythe. The Dusk Reaper's damage die while wielding a scythe increases to 1d12

Dusk Reapers gain the Death Attack class feature at 3rd level, as well as the improved versions at 13th and 23rd levels.

Executioner Changes

You do not gain access to executioner poisons as normal. However, you may use one of the following poisons per encounter, dependent upon character level.
1st level: Greenblood Oil
5th level: Id Moss Poison
9th level: Ungol Dust
15th level: Lich Dust
19th level: Insanity Mist
25th level: Eye of Basilisk
29th level: Dragon Bile

Whenever you would benefit from an effect that would allow you to regain an encounter attack power, you may instead gain an additional poison use from this list.

An executioner with the Shadow Master feat may elect to use either one of the following poisons, or one of the spells available to assassins.

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