Academy Of Heroes



Felix De‘Vaimer: Felix De`Vaimer-the nephew of Dougan De`Vaimer (and thus Darius’ cousin, once removed)-is at times lumped in with the Heroes of the Third Eye, but in reality, this is a misnomer. The details aren't entirely known, but Felix accompanied Kenneth Grahm during his travels in Fuuyon, and in some of the events leading up to the Return of the Third Eye-however, his life was tragically cut short in that time period, and it was only through Deus' influence that he was later returned to life.

Felix is a perfect example of a Marcusite, frequently saying things that don't make sense, having more concern with the "drama" and "feel" of a "scene" than with actually solving any problems, etc. Still, he is a remarkably good swordsman. His favorite line to tell students that get competitive is "It's still a hundred years too early for you to challenge me-but maybe we can cut it down to ten."


Kenneth "Blaze" Grahm: See Heroes of the Third Eye. Kenneth joined up with Kenneth for the Academy of Heroes some time ago, for unknown reasons, but seems to enjoy breaking in new students and running them through training courses and the like.

He has been missing ever since the new semester started.


Rex Du‘Deccum: After being the third member of founding the Robin Hood Guild, Rex Du`Deccum largely fell off the face of the earth. After having died during the events of the Return of the Third Eye-when his zombie god avatar servant wasn’t up to the task of saving him from impalement-it appears that Rex decided that ceasing to exist was kind of a dealbreaker, and pursued the path of lichdom.

It's unclear why Rex ultimately elected to join the Academy of Heroes. If he was looking to be a serious professor, there are schools in Ihrahna and even Eloheim that would accept someone with his credentials. It seems that Rex has his own motivations for staying where he is.

Student Body


Minako: When you think tsundere, think Minako. The girl runs hot/cold, and tries to keep a serious demeanor but is quick to agitate. Minako wields a scythe as a weapon, a technique normally associated with the clergy of death-Deus' followers (or the Dusk Reapers from over a millennium ago, before Deus incorporated death into his portfolio), but she has no divine-or indeed necrotic-powers. The general consensus is that she chose the scythe as a weapon of choice because it "seemed cool." She ultimately was convinced to change her weapon to a naginata, though no one knows why she decided to make the change.

It's unclear why Minako came to the Academy. Though she takes her training seriously, she doesn't appear to have any distinct goal in mind.


Ajax Du`Deccum: The cousin of Rex Du`Deccum, Ajax both has a lot and very little to live up to. With his uncle having been the first-and only-human being to ever successfully animate the corpse of a deity, the research implications are huge, but the fact that Rex was so ineffectual during the Return of the Third Eye means that the family name is, at times, something of a joke. Ajax is a serious and studious individual, though he does appear to have a certain weakness for Chelsea.

Ajax is a bit blunt at times, but despite his somewhat abrasive nature, he's usually happy to help, and has been trying to assist Erik in his studies for over two years now.


Erik: An Orkashi that seeks to become a Magic Swordsman, Erik has one serious problem: he isn't very smart. Wizardry is complex, and requires not only a passion for learning, but also an aptitude. While Erik's swordsmanship is actually relatively high level, and his physical power is hard to argue with, his ability to comprehend the arcane materials that he desperately wants to incorporate into his combat style is readily apparent.

Erik is highly suggestible, and gets both encouraged and discouraged extremely easily. He's quick to make decisions, and very stubborn.

Erik has since left the Academy of Heroes, and has moved on to working on the Homeland Continental Railroad project.


Alex "Fate": The original Alex Fate was the "brother" (in the loosest sense possible) of Adam Fate, the hero of the Chronicles. Alex believes that the original Alex-who has basically been lost to conventional history-got a bad deal, and is dedicated to taking his place in history. He's an utter braggart who can't be bothered to compliment others on their progress, and isn't hesitant to talk about his own. Still, despite his obnoxious attitude, it does seem that his heart's in the right place-he sees the world as having a fundamental injustice, and wants to remedy it.


Franz: Franz is a werewolf who takes the form of a smiling wolf at virtually all times. It's unclear just how intelligent Franz is, as he plays dumb and doesn't speak, but he's clearly capable of following complex directions. Franz tends to take well to females, and occasionally licks Minako, using his "puppy" persona as an excuse. Overall, he's very affectionate.


Chelsea the Ghost: Ignoring the PCs, Chelsea is the mysterious sixth student. She's been on the books for longer than the Academy has even been open (which seems impossible, but it's what Felix says). No one knows anything about Chelsea's past-certainly not Chelsea-and until recently, Ajax was the only one that could see or talk to her. Chelsea has been acting as the nurse for quite awhile, as whenever someone would go to sleep in the infirmary, they would wake up to find their wounds healed, suggesting Chelsea is trained in some form of healing magic.

It's unclear as to why Ajax was able to see Chelsea, or how close their relationship is, but it does seem that he's very protective of her. Chelsea is ecstatic to finally be able to be seen by others.

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